About Us

We are Fiona + Nancy and in 2019, we decided that we wanted to make more space in our lives for family, laughter, and joy. 

At the time, we were both caring for our daughters who were under one and felt deeply about making sure they would be offered all the possibilities through our parenting, their role models, and all the love we could give them.

That’s how ellylla was born - A love story to our daughters became a love story to mothers and daughters everywhere. A story about exploring creativity, embracing abundance, creating possibilities and fighting hard for the things you care about. 

We brought our experience and our vulnerabilities to the process every day. We became fans of morning routines. We were determined to create what we envisioned and put it out into the world. We think the world needs more interesting solutions to problems. We like to think differently. We don't think you need to be an expert to try something new. You have to start somewhere. We believe in hard work, commitment and connectedness. We remind each other to remain true to who we are. We enjoy the journey, even the setbacks. Sometimes with tears and sometimes with laughter. 

This story is being written as you read and we are overjoyed that you have cared enough to read this far <3. We’d love you to join our vision for a modular world, full of limitless possibilities. Send an email to wearellylla@gmail.com or DM us on IG to say Hi. Looking forward to meeting like-minded folk :)