Two Moms route to self-discovery through the creation of a modular clothing line.

I love  being a mom but I miss the old me. 

When becoming a mom, no one tells you that your whole identity changes. Once a wine drinking book lover who loved going to exotic places to eat the food, now you are first and foremost someone’s mom. For the founders of ellylla, that shift hit hard. In the midst of overwhelming joy, they lost their identities. They are not alone. 99% of new moms say that they experience an identity crisis after the birth of their children. 

As new moms who felt the weight of their new roles, Fiona Khan and Nancy Thich wanted to remind their children and women everywhere that they are limitless and landed on modular clothing. 

“We knew we wanted our mission to be: Creating possibilities. And when ideating what this would look like, our goal was to open opportunities for women who have dreams of being building something of their own. The idea of modular clothing was the byproduct of the mission.”

The pair designed the ellylla system to allow wearers to literally create possibilities through zipping on different components and come up with a combination that fits the occasion. The foundation is a top with zippers for sleeve changes as well as bottom changes. 

ellylla’s system is launching with 8 pieces: 2 tops varieties, 2 sleeve styles and 4 bottom options (2 skirts and 2 pants). With 8 interchangeable pieces, you can build more than 40 different looks. Transformations range from a dress to jumpsuit, sleeveless to sleeved and one jumpsuit to a different jumpsuit! We aren’t envisioning you changing your garment every hour, though that could be fun! We designed these pieces hoping the looks you build with them will easily take you from one occasion to the next and adapt to you as your style evolves from one chapter of life to the next. We see it as a luxury everyday piece that can last a lifetime no matter your circumstance.  

“Through our experience of creating something from scratch, we found that we are transforming ourselves into different people. Once an adventure seeking beachgoer turned mom is now a boundary pushing, becoming more confident by the day, go-getter. 

“Everyday I feel like I’m learning something new about myself and inching closer to my authentic self. Through this journey of creation, I am going through self-discovery that I didn’t know was possible. And I’m loving it. I want this for everyone which is why we are working on building a community of transformation through different channels. Fiona uses art and running as a release whereas I use meditation and journaling. We want to help support women creating possibilities for themselves and their communities. And we believe it can start with an outfit.” 

Launching on Kickstarter on August 31, 2021, the pair has been busy working with an Italian studio to create the sustainable line while continuing on a path of self-discovery.