Why we do things with intention

Fiona just tagged me in a LinkedIn post today about Chanel inviting employees kids to design the next ad for Mother’s Day. It’s so cute! I am fascinated with what Ella can draw, write, and imagine already. She’s two and her artwork is, I think the term is, impressionist. It’s beautiful. It’s innocent. It’s free. I’m sure every mother thinks what their daughter draws is magical but it is. I digress. 

Going back to the article - It sparked a chain reaction that led me to imagine where our daughter’s paintings, drawings, and cut and paste work can live. I’m trying to imagine how packaging or parts of our website would look with our daughter’s signature art. I think this is one of the coolest parts about building your own company. You can make it yours, completely. And I’m so lucky that Fiona and I are so similar because my ideas are not crazy to her. Though, sometimes she does push back. Like this morning, I was pitching my idea to her about building a community of morning ritualers, a journey I am quite dedicated to at the moment. She did not outright say no but we were able to find a way to make hers and my idea shine together. Coming soon! 

When Fiona and I started dreaming about what our company would look like, we didn’t know what it would be exactly, but we knew what we wanted it to stand for and we knew we wanted to love building it. We spent a lot of time dreaming - about designs of course, but also the feelings we wanted to create. Almost like thinking about the energy we wanted to put out there. We believe it is so important to do what you love. 

By doing what you love, you are manifesting joy and the magic that only you can authentically create out into the universe, which is so powerful because once you put it out there, it multiplies in so many more ways. 

That's why everything we do is with intention. We often take pause and go back to why we are working so hard for this dream and ask ourselves questions like “are we proud”, “does it meet our values”, and “does this make me smile” before making a decision. Because what you put out into the universe is important, and we don’t believe we are simply building a modular clothing system but a world not unlike our daughters’ artwork - beautiful, playful, and free. You can read more about our values here. 

In our fast paced world, we hope we can encourage people to slow down and take a minute. A minute to remind yourselves of your inner power - your thoughts and actions matter.  And your creativity and authenticity - there is only one you and you have the freedom to draw, design, play, create, dance, love and laugh without boundaries. You are your only limit. 


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