Our Vision for Sustainability

When I think about my most serene moments, they usually have me in nature. Whether it’s trekking in a forest surrounded by trees touching the sky or soaking my feet in the salty ocean. When I connect with nature, I feel at home. One of my favourite moments was walking in a forest in Koyasan, Japan and absorbing the energy from the ancient trees. As I passed by the trees, I could feel their stories and it was magical. I hope my kids, grandkids, grand grandkids will be able to have these magical sensations too. That’s why one of our biggest mandates is to produce intentionally with a goal of low carbon footprint. 

The sustainability plan is an evolving one because as we begin our journey, we will be for sure making mistakes, learning while we go, and adapting. We do have some non-negotiables though that we will be basing decisions on from day one and it includes:

  • Fabrics that do not shed microplastics
  • Quality fabric and construction for lasting wear 
  • Using deadstock and upcycled fabrics in pockets 
  • Creating a send back platform 
  • Rental programs to ensure products are loved before commitment 
  • Working with manufacturers with ethical practises

Our dream is to create everlasting pieces using deadstock, upcycled, regenerative, or closed looped fabrics. My biggest hope would be we become a carbon positive company where we produce pieces we love and are loved by others. 

We set out with a mission to build a world we want our daughters to inherit. That world is one with limitless possibilities, so they can be anything and all that they want to be. We want a world where we look out for each other and our earth. This is what we are building for them and for girls and women everywhere. It was this idea of “creating possibilities'' in the world that got us started on our journey with ellylla but as we kept dreaming, we knew that taking care of our earth will be a major part of this mission.

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