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It’s midnight my time as I scoop little bits of lentil tots on the baking sheet for Ella’s lunch the next day. While I’m doing this, I am texting Fiona pictures and she expresses her interest in the recipe while sharing her favourites. That’s what signalled to me she’ll be the perfect partner to build a world I’d like my daughter to inherit. And this idea of creating a better world became more and more clear as I watched my daughter grow. Seeing the innocence in her eyes makes me want to preserve that as long as I can. I hope that she grows up in a world where she’ll be able to see dolphins in the wild, hike beautiful forests, and breathe crisp air in the middle of a meadow. Not only do I want her to see beauty for herself, but also share it with others. I’ve been quite lucky in my life to have always had women I can count on and trust who lift and support. Through different schools and life events, I’ve always been able to find my tribe. This is something I also wish for her. Not only to radiate love and abundance but also be surrounded by people with the same vibration. For her and everyone around to know abundance and to give generously knowing that everything is energy and energy is endless. 

These dreams are what made us choose the following initiatives:

  1. Choosing fabrics with the least amount of environmental impacts. We are dedicated to using upcycled and deadstock fabrics where we can. For launch, this will be in pockets and lining of collars. And for the rest we are using textiles with low carbon footprint. This time around we are using Tencel which is made of eucalyptus making it compostable. 
  2. Collaboration over competition. We truly believe there is room for everybody and look for ways to collaborate. In our initial launch we are working with a graphic designer and fibre artists to add to pieces we are creating. And for our future releases looking to work with artisan/artists in different parts of the world to manufacture different components. We always talk about how two is better than one and definitely think more people, more magic. 
  3. Be the mother of our earth. We know the impact on the textile industry on the environment and we are always looking for ways to lower that impact. So when you are ready to retire your ellylla pieces, there will be end of life choices we offer including selling back to us for our vintage shop which pushes us to make sure quality is 👌 and composting while sending back the zippers to us. Recycling, donating, or upcycling is encouraged too :) 
  4. Pass it on. One of the things I’m most excited about is our Love You Lots Fund where the abundance mindset that drives us will flow to other founders who have a dream they want to see come to life. This fund provides up to $5000 to founders for their idea and comes with mentorship from us - founders like them that have gone through those ups and downs. This way is a great way to continue the cycle of gratitude from the ones that helped us along the way. 

As I read back on these initiatives, I’m so excited that all of this is set in motion and can’t wait to see it grow and become bigger and bigger.

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