About Fiona

I am an eternal optimist. I live in the silver linings. Lots of moving around in my childhood and adolescence (9 countries by the age of 18) formed my worldview that possibilities are endless. Being exposed to so much at a young age will do that and though I sometimes wonder if it ages you faster, I am so grateful for it. It has helped me find joy in so much, navigate hardship easier and tap into resilience more effortlessly when needed. Thank you Mom and Dad! :) 

My interests and friends are as eclectic as the places I went to school. I feel like each of them caters to a different part of my soul. 

I believe in multiple soul mates. In fact, I think all close friends are soul mates living parallel lives on this adventure called life. 

I prefer cards to tv, yoga to spin and existential questions, like what is more important - what a person believes or what they have been through?, to small talk. The answer to this for me btw is both, although the weights of each keep changing! You? 

I’d watch a really good tennis match over any reality show. 

The only reality show I do like (read love) is 90 Day Fiancee. It is a bonafide guilty pleasure. I can never watch just one. 

I hands down love Banagrams. The precursor to this must have been my mother and I playing boggle and other word games together starting at a very young age. 

I am equally happy eating sushi (yum!) as I am eating wings (also yum!), but noodles are my comfort food (super yum!). 

I am touched by kindness without expectation (of reciprocity.)

The shapes of trees and clouds remind me of different people I have come across in life. 

I see possibilities in dead ends. 

Paul Klee, one of the OG Bauhaus artists is one of all time favourite artists. The childlike wonder in his work reminds me to nurture the inner child and always remember to play. I try to cultivate this in Lyla every day by showing her the countless ways in which the world is wonderful and life is a gift. 

My current favourite art medium is fibre art and two of my favourite artists are Mimi Jung, and Windy Chien

One of my best pandemic watches has been My Octopus Teacher. 

I am a reformed constant jeans-wearer. I only fully embraced skirts and dresses once I became pregnant and I haven’t looked back since. I have also never felt as feminine. 

Pockets are a game changer. 

I have always loved jumpsuits and have an obscene amount. 

I have always had a soft spot for the disadvantaged and vulnerable. I think it goes back to being exposed to poverty and class divides at a very young age, and having a father who always championed the underdog. (Thanks Dad! I love this about me!) 

Oh, and most importantly, as of just about 2 years and 3 months ago, my heart started beating outside my body. In the form of my daughter Lyla. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading to the end! :) 

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit. Learn more about my better work half, Nancy in our next article (coming soon)!



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