A new modular clothing line looking to prove you are indeed limitless

When people learn that our multi-functional clothing system has pieces that zip on and off to create different looks, most people think of men’s cargo pants/shorts. But ellylla is far from the utilitarian hiking essential for men. We’ve designed the line to be sleek, sophisticated, comfortable, and playful. It was very important to us that each look be wearable, as well as transformable. 

ellylla’s system is launching with 8 pieces: 2 tops, 2 sleeve styles and 4 bottom options (2 skirts and 2 pants). With 8 interchangeable pieces, you can build more than 40 different looks. Transformations range from a dress to jumpsuit, sleeveless to sleeved and one jumpsuit to a different jumpsuit! We aren’t hoping you change your garment every hour, though that could be fun! We designed these pieces envisioning the looks you build with them will easily take you from one occasion to the next, and adapt to you as your style evolves from one chapter of life to the next or from lockdown to reopening to lockdown again. We see it as a luxury everyday piece that can last a lifetime no matter your circumstance.  

Both founders, Fiona Khan and Nancy Thich, aren’t new to the DTC space. We’ve both worked in an AdTech company helping boutiques and venture backed brands grow. There, we saw what it takes to make a brand stand out. The answer is usually whether or not the brand understood its niche audience. 

Our vision began with the mission of “creating possibilities” before actually executing it with a clothing concept. Because of this, we did a lot of market validation to see if this idea was one that interested women. We found that the idea resonated with women who think differently and believe in being more with less. Women who are on the path to becoming their authentic self, seeking to make space in their lives, minds and environment for the things that matter - we loved that finding! 

The idea of being limitless came about through being mothers, hoping our children don’t limit themselves and experiencing first hand how circumstances can hinder that mindset. We wanted to create something that reminds women that you are enough - more than enough to become everything you want and work towards. 

By creating ellylla, we hope that everyone can see that they can be the architects of their own lives, starting with what they wear. 

Our Kickstarter launches August 31