3 characteristics of 2021 pandemic wardrobes

Our clothes have always reflected the times we’re in. From women wearing pants after the war from taking over the men in the workforce to mini skirts after the women liberation, 2021 is no different. With full lockdowns, loosening of restrictions and opening and then closing again, both our mental health and closet has been yo-yo’ing in different directions and we need clothing to do the same. 

Now more than ever we need our clothes to do more for us in times where one day you are confined to your home and the other you can be having drinks with your friends in a lounge. 

3 characteristics of 2021 pandemic wear: 

  • Adjustable sizing for the weight put on during lockdown and then (possibly) weight loss
  • Versatile designs that are comfortable enough to lounge all day but have enough structure to wear on a night out. 
  • Easy transitions for 3 days of working at home and 2 days in the office

I’ve worked closely with the curator at the Manitoba Costume Museum that housed over 35 000 artifacts starting from the 1700s and I would be happy to discuss how societal changes affect clothing shifts.